Asiatic Rugs in Cheshire
Asiatic rugs

Asiatic Rugs in Cheshire

Asiatic Rugs in CheshireIf you know quality rugs then you know Asiatic Rugs in Cheshire, available through Luxury Rugs. We bring a broad selection of designs, designers and manufacturers from around the world to our discriminating customers. Among those is the singularly unique carpets of Asiatic Rugs, a pioneer in the world of commercial fashion focused rugs. As a leading European manufacturer, importer and distributor of quality rugs, Asiatic has been a trusted name for over 50 years since its founding by Soli Kelaty in 1960. Today, London based Asiatic is still family owned and still a leading force in the rug industry. Prolific designers,  the Asiatic Rug collection showcases over 700 rugs from 85 ranges across 7 collections. Included are cosy and homey rugs, ultra-modern, classic heritage and contemporary in a wide range of sizes.

If you are searching for just the right rug for your home or office, it’s likely you could find it within the Asiatic collections. In Cheshire, Asiatic Rugs are among our most sought after and our staff are well versed in the collection. Professional help with colour schemes and design advice is available and dependable at Luxury Rugs. In fact, we maintain a very high standard of customer service both in our carpet boutique and our online store. We accept most currencies as payment at our online store secured by PayPal and delivery is free. So if you can’t visit our showroom, we’re still only a phone call away for our online customers.

Asiatic rugs in Cheshire have duplicated some of the most famous and expensive antique rugs in history. Wherever they are shown at Expos around the globe they receive only praise for their quality. Antique rugs are difficult and expensive to acquire and one you love may never become available. Now the design and quality are once again available through intricate duplication and Asiatic Rugs. Contact us today for more information. Our service is confidential for all our customers and personalised to your preferred style and design. Let’s discuss your requirements and our promise is we’ll find the right Asiatic Rug for you.

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