Bespoke Rugs in Chelsea
Bespoke Rugs

Bespoke Rugs in Chelsea

Bespoke Rugs in ChelseaMany of our customers come to us looking for bespoke rugs in Chelsea for the final touch to their perfectly decorated room. With the popularity of hardwood and luxury vinyl flooring for their ease of cleaning and fewer irritants to allergy and asthma sufferers the demand for bespoke rugs has grown. Rugs in all sizes used with hardwood floors soften the look of the room, absorb noise and adds a design touch that pulls your decor together with your own signature style. At Luxury Rugs we sell gorgeous carpets and rugs by well known designers and we design and manufacture our own brand and designs. For those seeking a specific design and colour combination, we design and manufacture to suit from the finest materials.

Perhaps you’ve been looking for just the right rug for a long time but after going from one carpet to store another and the internet, you just haven’t found it. You’ll know it when you see and in Chelsea, bespoke rugs from Luxury Rugs may be the only place you will ever see it. Gather paint chips, upholstery swatches, and a wallpaper sample to mark the colours you want matched or contrasted. Do you see a contemporary pattern, traditional floral or fleur-de-lis design or an emblem you admire?  With that information, our talented designers can assemble a whole from the sum of those parts and create a rug uniquely your own. It’s the last addition to your room and it makes the soft furnishings in the room work together.

When thinking about bespoke rugs in Chelsea, don’t limit yourself to main living areas of your home. Surprise the children with their own bedroom rugs designed just for them. Use their favourite colours or Disney character and subtly blend their name and birthdate into the pattern. Every room needs a warm rug for bare feet. Contact Luxury Rugs and we can meet and discuss ideas for bespoke rugs. Our rugs are high quality and durable enough to last decades with proper care. Bespoke rugs are good investment because you can take them with you when you move. You’ll always be able to use them somewhere.

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