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Bespoke Rugs in LondonLook to Luxury Rugs for bespoke rugs in London. It’s frustrating to know what the rug to complete a room looks like and not find it anywhere. You’ll know it when you see it but after searching in all price ranges you’re ready to give up. Hang in there because our design and manufacturing service is ready to turn your ideas into reality. We stock a huge selection of designer rugs representing exclusive manufacturers and cottage industry handmade rugs from natural fibres. Colours, weaves, textures and designs abound. We may have rugs that may are close to what you want but not exact. You need a bespoke rug to get the fibre, pattern, colour combination, size and shape you want for that room crying out for its final touch.

The best way to begin is meet with one of our designers and lay the initial groundwork. For instance, in London bespoke rugs can be the size and shape you have in mind; what colour combination from your decor do want reflected in your rug? Then choose your raw materials. Wool is always a good choice but maybe silk would suit your design. Deep pile, looped, flatweave, herringbone, hand tied and the options are endless. When we finish our work together, you will have your very own bespoke rug. Our designers are gifted but just as important is their knowledge and experience relating to raw materials, dyes and weaves. They will know what will and will not work which helps narrow down the selection process.

You can get what you want if know where to look for bespoke rugs in London. Another option we offer is customization of our existing stock of rugs. You may love the texture of one our rugs and even the design and colour but the size is wrong. We can manufacture your bespoke rug in sizes up to full fitted carpet. Again, everything else may be right but colour is off a shade or two. We can customise that exact rug to match existing colours in your decor. Contact Luxury Rugs and visit our showroom for a look at our quality and designs. Think of us whenever and wherever you need bespoke rugs.

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