Bespoke Rugs in London
Bespoke Rugs

Bespoke Rugs in London

Bespoke Rugs in LondonSplurge on bespoke rugs in London and create your own unique interior décor style statement. Luxury Rugs is a boutique rug company that deals in exclusive, bespoke products, customised to match your design aesthetic, preferences and needs. We specialize in modern, traditional, natural and custom area rugs that are one of a kind products. You’ll find our rugs gracing the interiors of deluxe homes, private jets, yachts, offices of top corporations and celebrity apartments. We have many years of experience in this industry and our founder Steven Foster has earned the reputation and respect of industry professionals across the country and abroad. We are committed to giving our valued clients access to the most unique and premium quality products from around the world. Apart from this we believe in the sustainable future of this craft and source our products only from the best weavers and designers.

For property owners in London, bespoke rugs can grace your hallway, create a work of art in your living room or give your bedroom that touch of opulence. Rugs not only provide beauty and artistic appeal, they’re also functional and practical. They feel warm and comfortable underfoot, reduce noise and demarcate spaces. Before you purchase an expensive piece, it’s important to analyse your own taste, what you want to convey with the use of a particular product and also the functional and practical aspects of cleaning and maintenance. If you have high traffic, children, and pets and seniors using the room, it may not be such a smart choice.

Luxury products like bespoke rugs in London need lots of tender loving care to keep them looking fresh and bright. Make sure that your rug has enough space around it so that its features get highlighted. Contact us for more ideas and information. Our dedication to the art of carpet and rug weaving extends into the ethical aspects of this art form. You can be sure that not a single one of our products has been created using child labour, bonded labour or forced labour. We believe in human rights and that an artist has the right to work in a free and fair environment.

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