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Bespoke Rugs in Notting Hill

Notting Hill Bespoke RugsWhen no other source has produced the rug you want, bespoke rugs in Notting Hill from Luxury Rugs will create it for you. Come to Luxury Rugs first and see our massive array of colours, carpet materials, designer and handmade carpet products. We have scores of designs from which to choose but if the rug in your head is not among them then we will put that design on paper and create your bespoke rug. While we carry select rugs from favourite designers and artisans we also manufacture our own high quality products and produce a full line of luxury rugs. So maybe you will find among our carpets a colour or design that suits but the shape does not. Or the shape and design are right but the colour blend is wrong. Just let us know.

We can alter any existing product to suit; even making it larger or smaller. In Notting Hill, bespoke rugs may even be a wall to wall installed carpet. You put your heart and soul into adapting a living environment especially suited to please your eye and comfort. If everything is right except the rug and you settle for a something close but not exact, the sight will aggravate you. Even if everyone else thinks it looks grand you’ll know it’s off. We have fantastic designers on our team who will work with you to create the rug that belongs in your space.

Choose wool, blends, or other natural or synthetic materials and the size for your bespoke rugs in Notting Hill. Choose the dominant colour and a weave you prefer. Our bespoke rugs are made with care so once you’ve chosen and ordered you will need a bit of patience. Hand tufted can take up to eight weeks and hand knotted up to five months. Some of the more intricate rugs may take longer. You will have your bespoke rug for most of your life and it’s worth waiting to get it just right. Contact Luxury Rugs to find out more about the quality and selection of bespoke rugs available to you. When you order a bespoke luxury rug from us, we’ll prepare a sample showing the true pattern and colours so you can see what you’re getting.

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