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Brink & Campman Rugs

We are proud to be able to supply Brink & Campman rugs to our quality conscious and stylish customers. These high-quality rugs are designed and manufactured in Holland with a keen eye on creativity and craftsmanship. The rugs are inspired by both tradition and innovation and they work with manufacturers all over the world to develop complimenting qualities and techniques that are carried through to their own products. Whether the rugs are made in the Holland factory or in other countries the designs all originate from the design studio at Brink & Campman. The designers develop the unique range beginning with the yarn which is usually inspired by the latest trends or the fascination for technical possibilities.

Not only do we design and manufacture Brink & Campman rugs but we also design and manufacture some of the other leading brands from the fashion and interior industry such as bluebellgray Harlequin Sanderson, Scion Living, Morris & Co, Ted Baker and Wedgewood to name but a few. These stunning designs and magnificent rugs result in a characteristic collection full of iconic designs that will uplift any interior. Brink & Campman have been designing and manufacturing rugs for well over 100 years and have used their extensive experience to maintain their high quality and fashionable products for clients all over the world. Modern rugs are made using old crafts and techniques in the factory in the Netherlands.

Our shop is delighted with our close relationship with Brink & Campman rugs. Contact Luxury Rugs today and see our wide range of exclusive rugs. We are able to offer unique and bespoke rugs from many different materials from reliable and quality manufacturers around the world. Ur selection and quality products have been used on private yachts, corporate jets and some of the most exclusive hotels and corporate offices. We are very conscious of how our rugs are manufactured and take care to investigate working environments of the labour force in all the factories that we do business with to ensure there s no child labour or forced labour in them. We care about the future of the industry and that all the rugs are produced in an ethical manner.

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