Nourison Rugs has the world’s largest historic and modern archive of rug designs, Nourison’s design team have developed an exceptional range of signature rug collections; several featuring unique patented constructions and award winning designs.

Nourison Rugs was founded by brothers, during their years in retail, the brothers gained invaluable experience in understanding the supply issues that concern dealers in import goods.

When they decided to turn these insights toward a new kind of wholesale business, they knew that the key to success was their “know-how” in bringing in large assortments of rugs that were otherwise not easily available to the retailer.

Over the years, Nourison Rugs have become the market’s most diversified producer and importer of handmade area rugs, a company recognized both for the variety and the consistently innovative quality of its assortments. Today, the company has leveraged its unique design and production expertise to become the leading multi-product resource in the floor covering industry.



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