Although wool and silk remain the undisputed stars of textile Art, other materials such as linen, cotton or bamboo can be worked in a cut pile or a loop finish. One can also experiment with less traditional materials such as leather, vinyl and metallic to create bold and unexpected effects. Choosing between a cut or a loop pile, introducing different textures and yarn combinations, varying the pile height are the essential elements in the process of creating a unique bespoke handmade rug.

PINTON rugs are manufactured using the hand-tufting technique. The canvas is stretched on a frame upon which the design is hand drawn to the chosen scale. Working from the reverse of the canvas, the yarn is fed through using a hand tufting gun. This catalogue gathers our collections which can be also « customized ».

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pinton rugs

Écaille by Pinton

pinton rugs

Elément by Pinton

Pinton Rugs

Les Pierre de Ronsard by Pinton

pinton design

Malachite Vert by Pinton


Pietra Dura by Pinton


Sous Bois by Pinton

pinton rugs

Tastamine by Pinton

vert pinton

Vert Pinton by Pinton