Faux Silk Rugs in Knightsbridge
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Faux Silk Rugs in Knightsbridge

Faux Silk Rugs in KnightsbridgeIf you are looking for a beautiful and stylish floor covering then faux silk rugs in Knightsbridge are a reasonably affordable way to brighten a room. We work with a wide range of some of the world’s top designers and can offer you bespoke rugs made to your own unique design. The Asiatic Holborn range of faux silk rugs is available in a number of diverse colours, and will suit any home. We also have the Asiatic Reko range which offers a different pattern and colour palette.  The Asiatic Grosvenor range is one of the more popular rug styles and the Gaudi faux silk rug will brighten any room with its multitude of bright colours.

Luxury floor coverings need not be expensive in Knightsbridge, faux silk rugs create the look and feel of handmade silk carpets at a fraction of the cost. They are often made of viscose and are extremely hardwearing so they are perfect for high traffic areas of the home. The rugs frequently have a latex backing which helps to reduce slipping on wooden and tile floors. The rugs are luxurious to the touch and closely resemble expensive silk rugs with the same tasselled or bound edges. When looking for a rug all you need to do is to contact us and let us know the size of the rug required. Tell us what border you want and we will arrange for a sample to be sent to you.

We stock and supply faux silk rugs in Knightsbridge. Contact Luxury Rugs today or visit our showroom to see the wide range of rugs and carpets that we stock. Our boutique rug company has a passion for design and rug making and use the finest wool and silk available. We only work with the best manufacturers who have a history of many generations of craftsmanship. Our products can be seen in some of the finest homes as well as private jets and luxury yachts. Our staff have many years of experience and can advise you on the right carpet or rug for your home.

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