Handmade Rugs in Kensington
handmade rugs

Handmade Rugs in Kensington

Handmade Rugs in KensingtonSometimes customers are surprised there are still handmade rugs in Kensington available for sale. Or they figure rugs are labelled “handmade” when only a small part is created by hand but the main rug is machine made. Handmade rugs is not the lost art many believe it to be. We have on display in our Luxury Rugs shop beautiful handmade rugs by dedicated and gifted artisans. Such rugs add beauty, colour and texture to your decor but they’re also a work of art to be treasured. We represent many of the most sought after artisans and display their work in our showroom. Customers can custom order as well selecting the colours and size that work best in your home. Handmade rugs don’t have to be displayed on the floor; they are wonderful wall hangings.

We display some of the most well-known designers from around the world. In Kensington, handmade rugs are made from natural silk or wool or a combination. With proper care, these are some of the strongest most durable fibres and easily dyed to the colour of your choice. Or you might prefer an all-natural bamboo rug. Discerning customers enjoy having these handmade works of art as part of their decor. If you love surrounding yourself with beautiful and unique luxury items then handmade rugs belong in your home or office. People will notice and admire your good taste. Don’t be fooled by fake rugs advertised as handmade. All of our rugs are authenticated.

It can be difficult to make a selection of handmade rugs in Kensington for your home from the handmade rugs you view online or in our shop. Contact Luxury Rugs and tell us the designs and colours that especially appeal to you and we will gladly bring a large sampling to your home. You can get a much better idea of what looks best to you when you see it in your own home. You will find our customer service attentive throughout the process. Handmade rugs can take weeks or months to complete. During that time, we keep you apprised of the progress and seek your approval of preliminary sketches. We will deliver your rug to your door at which time we feel certain you will agree the finished product was worth the wait.

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