Handmade Rugs in Knightsbridge
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Handmade Rugs in Knightsbridge

Handmade Rugs in KnightsbridgeYou could consider our luxury handmade rugs in Knightsbridge if you want to make a statement in your home.  Our rugs are made with the finest wools and silks from some of the best designers in the world. Although we stock a variety of styles and sizes, certain areas require something unique and special. Our in depth array of styles can be custom made to make a rug that is absolutely tailored to your home. Alterations to colour, specific shapes and sizes are available to order. With the assistance of our dedicated team you will be able to make a choice from thousands of colour shades and even match the rug to a sample of something you bring to us.

Our boutique rug company has a passion for design and rug making. In Knightsbridge, handmade rugs are unique both in materials used and designs. Our team of experts will keep you fully updated throughout the order process, produce drawings of the projected style and the way it would look once made. Hand knotted rugs usually take between 4 to 5 months to complete. Hand tufted rugs normally take between 6 and 8 weeks although extra large or complicated commissions might take longer. We believe that our high standard of customer care builds trust. Our showroom has a wide selection of handmade and tufted rugs to give you an idea of what is possible. We design carpets and rugs for private jets, yachts and large corporations.

We can offer some of the most unique handmade rugs in Knightsbridge. We only work with the best manufacturers with a history of generations of craftsmanship. Contact Luxury Rugs today and arrange for us to visit your home and bring a few rugs for you to try out in situ. This gives you a far better idea of what the room will look like with the rug in it. We make sure that we bring a choice of your selected colours and designs so that you can choose the one that suits the room perfectly. With handmade rugs you choose the style, pattern and colour that best suits your office or home.

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