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Handmade Rugs in London

Handmade Rugs in LondonHandmade rugs in London are different from machine made rugs because they are created on a handloom that the artist can set to the desired size. Each handloom rug is a work of art created by the skilled hands of the artisan. The crafting of the rug is usually done one of three ways; Hand-knotted, flat weave and hand tufted. Hand knotted and hand tufted rugs have a pile and both are highly labour intensive to create. Flat weave rugs are flat, have no pile and get their depth from an attached backing. Most handmade rugs are made from natural fibres like jute, silk, wool and cotton. Luxury Rugs sell and promote the handmade rugs of some of the finest artisans of our day. Because we have a rapport with these talented people it’s possible for our clients to request a custom feature.

In truth, since each rug is individually made by hand there are no two exactly alike. In London, handmade rugs buyers discover that handmade rugs are more costly than machine made rugs. On the surface, that appears to be true but then a machine made rug is not likely to be considered an investment. Your handmade rug could gain in value over time especially if the artisan is well respected. Likely your handmade rug will last for decades and look good doing it which makes it a bargain even though you pay more today. Because artisans consider their handmade rugs an expression of their art, they use only the highest quality materials. Artist are only satisfied with perfection.

At Luxury Rugs we are proud to represent some of the finest artisans of handmade rugs in London. You can view many selections online and come into our store to see and touch the real thing. We especially cater to those of you who are most comfortable when surrounded with natural products such as those used for hand loomed rugs. Each rug is uniquely created. There is a certain satisfaction to looking at the beauty of your rug and knowing there is not another in the world exactly like it. For more information about our handmade rugs, contact Luxury Rugs. Along with your beautiful rug you can expect the finest customer service, guarantee of authenticity and free delivery on the mainland.

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