Handmade Rugs in Knightsbridge
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Handmade Rugs in London

Handmade Rugs in LondonWe have an impressive selection of handmade rugs in London at Luxury Rugs. You may have thought the only way to get a handmade rug was to inherit it from a great-grandmother. Those are very nice to own. If your ancestors were not forward thinking about furnishings or Aunt Betsy took everything take heart; you have a chance to change the course of history for your own descendants. Shop online or in person at one of our Luxury Rugs locations and choose from our handmade rug selections created by artisans from around the world. You can choose from hand loomed and woven, knotted, hand tied and hand tufted. Materials are usually all natural wool or plant fibres. You can even custom order and have your initial embedded.

Handmade rugs are wonderful gifts, especially wedding gifts. So whenever your children and their cousins marry in London, handmade rugs as gifts for each. There you have it-a new tradition that will always carry your name. The tradition of handing the rugs down to the next generation will begin in your lifetime. Handmade rugs will last forever if properly cared for. Handmade rugs are usually hypoallergenic; perfect for a baby nursery. Examine your rug carefully and you will see the rug for the artistic creation it is. No two alike as confirmed by the slight irregularities you’ll likely find. That’s why you’ll often see handmade rugs displayed as wall hangings. They were purchased for their artistry.

We at Luxury Rugs protect our customers from the charlatans promoting their handmade rugs in London that are actually machine made. Why would they do that? Machine made rugs are cheap to make and handmade sells for a higher price. Each designer we represent and their work is scrutinised for the tell-tale signs of machine made rugs such as sewn on fringe, perfectly straight stitching and single line of yarn that spans the width of the carpet. Handmade carpets do not have tags or labels. Contact Luxury Rugs. Our customer service is superior and once you select your rug, we’ll point to all the reasons we know your handmade rug is authentic.

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