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Handmade Rugs in Knightsbridge

Handmade Rugs in KnightsbridgeLook for handmade rugs in Knightsbridge if you want to add a little pizzazz to your home. At Luxury Rugs, we work with some of the best designers in the world so we can offer you the finest quality luxury rugs. As a bespoke rug company, we specialise in all types of rugs. These include traditional, modern, as well as natural and custom area rugs. Steven Foster, our founder, is truly passionate about interior design. He can boast of many years’ experience in the luxury rugs and flooring industry. Our company is committed to the principle of quality and craftsmanship, and for this reason, we make use of manufacturers who are not only enthusiastic about what they do, but they care about the future of the industry. They support their workers, ensuring that the rugs are produced ethically.

For the discerning homeowner in Knightsbridge, handmade rugs are to be treasured. A handmade rug from Luxury Rugs will be the centrepiece of any room in your home. Providing a confidential and personal service to all our customers, we aim to ensure your satisfaction. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and passion about luxury rugs, so if you have any queries about your newly selected handmade rug, please don’t hesitate to ask our knowledgeable team. We fully understand the unique heritage and traditional rug artisanship. Because of this understanding, our raw materials are naturally luxurious and lose none of their unique quality properties during the production process. We also understand the importance of an excellent service and our team are experts in ensuring that your rug choosing journey is a pleasant and exciting experience from start to finish.

Your newly purchased handmade rugs in Knightsbridge can be delivered to your home. If you would like more information about our available range of handmade rugs, contact Luxury Rugs. Our standard UK mainland delivery is free. We aim to deliver your handmade rug within 7 working days after placing your order. If you find you are struggling to make your final selection, we offer a unique home consultation and approval service. Our skilled team can offer professional advice and style suggestions.

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