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Luxury Rugs in MaryleboneLet your luxury rugs in Marylebone make a unique style statement for you.At Luxury Rugs, we believe that each and every one of our products has a character and personality of its own. These products are exclusive, bespoke accomplishments, created by the most talented weavers from around the world. Our founder, Steven Foster brings his own passion and creative talent into the business of sourcing a variety of rugs and carpets in traditional and modern motifs. Our highly-skilled design team personally selects the luxury yarns and threads that go into weaving these specialty products. Along with these aspects, what sets us apart from others in this business is our commitment to ethical practices.

There is a lot of debate and concern in the world today about rugs that are created by the big lifestyle brands without attention to the factors that go into their creation. In Marylebone, luxury rugs should be chosen based on not just beauty and quality but also on the history that goes into their making. Many rugs are sourced from remote, rural areas where children, forced labour and bonded labour may be put to work on them. This is something that we are meticulous about. Every one of our products are chosen only from sources that use fair trade practices with respect for human rights and values. Ethics in this industry is also about profit sharing with the actual craftsmen who create these beautiful pieces to adorn your floors and walls. We are committed to children’s rights, workers’ welfare and  support for the communities that are part of this industry.

Your luxury rugs in Marylebone can be customised in terms of size, design, colour and finish. Within the UK, we offer standard delivery free of charge. If you’re not at home, we can drop off the products at a designated neighbour’s place. We don’t recommend that the delivery is left in a porch or garage as it might get damaged if left unattended. Contact us for more information about our luxury rugs. Apart from our own in-house design team’s products, we also source quality pieces from the world’s leading brands

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