Modern Rugs in Fulham
Modern rugs

Modern Rugs in Fulham

Modern Rugs in FulhamGive your living spaces a touch of contemporary chic with modern rugs in Fulham, and speak to Luxury Rugs.We’re proud of our reputation for being the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of bespoke luxury rugs. From our flagship showroom in London’s zestful art district of Chelsea, we create unique pieces purchased by discerning clients the world over. Our one of a kind rugs grace the interiors of luxury hotels, yachts, private jets, apartments, homes and corporate offices. Our products are also chosen by top interior designers, trade and hospitality customers. You can make your selection from our online store, or feel free to drop in at our Cheshire showroom and browse at leisure. Our talented team of experienced professionals is on hand to give you the right assistance and advice if you need them. We deliver to any part of the UK and beyond.

Apart from our own bespoke products, we also feature Amy Kent, Jacaranda, Asiatic, Bougainville, Fibre, Pinton, Anglelo, Calvin Klein, William Yeoward, Romo and more. In Fulham, modern rugs are produced by some of the leading names in the sector. These famous labels are available to suit your needs and preferences and match your interior design aesthetic. Rug experts provide great tips for purchasing the right one. Since luxury rugs are not just for adornment, but they’re also a great investment, it’s important to put some thought into their purchase and placement. Ensure that you get the dimensions right. Experts recommend that you leave enough space around the rug otherwise its beauty and design would have no effect. If the rug is too large, it resembles a carpet and you could have issues with furniture arrangements. If it’s too small for the room, it loses its impact.

Plan your room down to the last detail using tape measures and marking the placement of each piece before you purchase your modern rugs in Fulham. Your choice also depends on the room in which they’re to be placed. Bedroom rugs should serve their primary purpose of giving you that luxurious softness underfoot. For more information about our selection of modern rugs, contact Luxury Rugs.  We have many more handy hints on care and maintenance.

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