Silk Rugs in Chelsea
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Silk Rugs in Chelsea

Silk Rugs in Chelsea One can find luxurious, handmade silk rugs in Chelsea at Luxury Rugs. A naturally sourced fibre, silk lends itself to ancient techniques of carpet designing and weaving. Carpets that have generally been made from natural fibres are durable, easy to maintain and are considered to be good investments. The natural sheen, feel and colours with the added quality of being versatile enough to blend well with both natural and synthetic fibres give our luxury silk rugs a quality that is unmatched. The feel of a soft, silk carpet under your feet, its elegance and beauty of design make for a uniquely different experience. Some heritage designs and techniques used in their weaves categorize them into exotic works of art!

Silk rugs by Luxury Rugs are uniquely designed. In Chelsea, silk rugs are manufactured from special blends of materials to increase the versatility and affordability. Silk fibres are mixed with cotton to derive cotton silk, while more rough textured finishes are achieved with jute or wool. These techniques have been perfected with the help of our skilled and hugely talented craftsmen. Synthetics, including viscose, are also used to create new products like art or faux silk. Our weavers skilfully combine design with coloured yarn to create exclusive patterns, which we guarantee are one of a kind.

Bespoke silk rugs in Chelsea can be customised to the last detail. Our repertoire of colours, styles, shapes and textures can help create a unique rug for your home. If you are looking for silk rugs, contact Luxury Rugs today. We want every customer to feel the experience of not just owning one from our store, but of having been fully involved in the making of it. If you have specific themes or designs in mind, we are glad to help you make your dream carpet. We have an online make-to-order service. Being a boutique rug company we bring you the advantage of years of craftsmanship, a library of designs and colours and helpful tips to play around with till you arrive at that perfect signature look for the piece de résistance of your home. Yes this rug, we guarantee, will be the conversation piece every time visitors drop by!

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