Silk Rugs in Chelsea
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Silk Rugs in Chelsea

Silk Rugs in ChelseaFloor your guests and visitors with the luxury, style and elegance of silk rugs in Chelsea. At Luxury Rugs, we believe that a few well-chosen statement pieces like this can provide sophistication and opulence in any room. Silk provides that unmistakable softness and sheen and it also gives the craftsman better control over design. That’s why you get finer details in silk carpets and rugs than with other materials like wool. It’s rarely used in floor covering products because it’s expensive and tends to absorb moisture, stains easily and can get damaged. However, with care and good maintenance, you can keep your silk rug looking bright and fresh. China was one of the countries where silk rugs were traditionally woven and many carpets and rugs purchased centuries ago are still in existence. As a fabric, silk is quite tough and has a (tensile) pulling strength higher than that of a similar filament of steel! It is also relatively flame resistant.

Luxury Rugs is a bespoke rug company that creates unique, exclusively designed pieces for discerning customers. In Chelsea, silk rugs are one of the outstanding creations that our customers can place in their bedrooms, living rooms or other low traffic areas. Our products grace the interiors of luxury hotels, private jets, yachts and the finest homes and offices around the world. Our talented design team personally selects the materials for each and every piece and is involved in each stage of the manufacture. We are totally committed to preserving and promoting such specialist craftsmanship and maintaining the future well-being of this industry. To that end, we also believe in responsible commerce and ensure that no child labour, forced labour or bonded labour are used at any stage of the rug manufacturing process.

We ensure that when you buy silk rugs in Chelsea, you are guaranteed a confidential and discreet service. Contact Luxury Rugs today if you would like to purchase a silk rug. Whether it’s a traditional, classic design you want, you prefer sleek, contemporary chic, or would enjoy a funky, playful design, let us know your specifications and we’d be delighted to craft exactly what you have in mind.

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