Silk Rugs in Chiswick
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Silk Rugs in Chiswick

Silk Rugs in ChiswickTreat yourself to a slice of luxury with our exquisite range of silk rugs in Chiswick. At Luxury Rugs, we promise that we will dazzle you with our amazing product selection, sourced from some of the biggest names in the field. We’re proud to be associated with brands like Jacaranda Rugs, Asiatic Rugs, Amy Kent Bespoke Rugs, Edition Bougainville, Nourison Rugs, Calvin Klein Rugs, Ted Baker Rugs and many more. Whether it’s traditional elegance or contemporary chic that stirs your heart, you’re sure to find the perfect choice in our London and Cheshire showrooms. We also offer the convenience of online shopping besides in-shop facilities, for both stock and made to order designs. Our client base includes individuals, trade and hospitality clients, luxury yacht and private aircraft owners, corporate clients, and more.

Our range of rugs can be customised to suit any size, shape, colour or design. In Chiswick, silk rugs provide a great experience of timeless visual beauty, grace and charm. These gorgeous conversation pieces and works of art often become valuable legacy pieces to future generations. Whether you use them to demarcate different areas of the room, define a particular colour palette or create a mood, rugs are a splendid accessory. Silk rugs are quite a significant investment and they can represent quite a large chunk of your interior decoration budget. Our talented design team can help you to make the right selection. An important aspect is to get the size right, because rugs should have just the right area of space around them. If they’re too small, they could be overwhelmed, while an over-large rug is almost indistinguishable from a carpet. Every space in your home requires a different size, shape and type of rug.

For instance, silk rugs in Chiswick may not be suitable for use in your hallway or high traffic areas. Their stunning shine and lustre is best suited for your living room, if you don’t have children, seniors or pets, or your bedroom. One solution is to display them on your wall, where their fine material and beauty can be better appreciated. For more information about our beautiful silk rugs, contact Luxury Rugs. We will be pleased to assist you choose the perfect rug for your home.

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