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Silk Rugs in KnutsfordWith silk rugs in Knutsford change your special interior spaces with a look of unmatched luxury. Luxury Rugs is a boutique rug company that offers clients unique and exclusive pieces made from the finest wools and silks. We specialise in products made only by premium craftsmen around the world, with the experience and traditions of generations flowing through their work. Our bespoke products will enhance the beauty of any space in your home, private jet, yacht or even a distinguished hotel. Our clients can be assured of complete discretion and confidentiality when they purchase from us. We offer convenient on-line purchasing facilities with secure payment gateways in a variety of all major international currencies. We also provide expert design advice and interior decoration assistance.

For the selective home owner in  Knutsford, silk rugs must be chosen according to your preferences, taste and budget. These unique pieces are certainly not for the rough and tumble of daily use. Traditionally, Persian and Oriental silk rugs have been the most valuable and intricately hand-knotted pieces made by master craftsmen. Silk, though delicate and fine, is a strong and resilient fibre that can last for generations provided you take good care of it. One of the most striking things about silk rugs is that the seemingly fragile silk threads allow more knots to be made per square inch. This means you get a clearer and finer delineation of the pattern and detailing compared to other materials. However, you will need professional cleaning to keep your rug looking its best.

Pure silk rugs in Knutsford are 100% silk fibre from warp to weft in the weave with a silk foundation and these are the most valuable of silk rugs. Other varieties include wool with silk detailing, which gives them extra depth and pile. Silk foundations may also be used with wool. Some silk rugs may have a cotton foundation. When you are looking for the finest quality silk rugs, contact Luxury Rugs. Free delivery of all our precious rugs is provided, along with a personal delivery service to your destination. Our moving and rolling out service will complete the job for you, leaving you to enjoy your wonderful magic carpet!

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