Silk Rugs in Prestbury
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Silk Rugs in Prestbury

Silk Rugs in PrestburyGive your home or workspace that Wow Factor with silk rugs in Prestbury. At Luxury Rugs, we are committed to the core values of craftsmanship and quality. That’s why we source our products from only the most talented, skilled manufacturers who use only premium quality materials. These craftspersons are people who are totally dedicated to their work and to passing on their skills to future generations so that the craft stays alive. We also believe that this should not involve oppressive and outmoded practices like child labour, forced or bonded labour. That’s why we are meticulous and careful about sourcing our products only from reliable, trustworthy and ethical sources. We are also committed to ensuring child rights and welfare and workers’ rights and that’s why we support the communities and families who create these gorgeous pieces of art for our discerning clients.

Our rugs are exclusive, one-of-a-kind conversation pieces that can transform your interiors. In Prestbury, silk rugs can decorate your homes, luxury yachts, private jets and fine hotels. Our reputation hinges on the discreet and confidential services we provide to our clients so that their personal style remains unique and innovative. Since we collaborate with some of the greatest and most talented designers and craftspersons around the world, you can be sure that our premium quality rugs aren’t something you’ll find just anywhere. The rugs and carpets you buy from us become heirloom pieces that future generations will appreciate and cherish. We ensure that the raw materials used are completely natural and designed to last. With a little tender loving care, your gorgeous silk rugs can look as fresh and new as the day you first laid eyes on them.

All our silk rugs in Prestbury are hand-knotted by skilled workers to create an amazing variety of textures, colours and designs. We can also help design bespoke products to match your aesthetic style. Contact us today for more information. You can also choose the size and shape that you want. Whether it’s for children’s rooms, area rugs, modern abstract designs, or artistic creations for your living-room, we can help you get exactly what you dream of.


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