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Amy Kent rugs

Amy Kent Rugs

Amy Kent RugsAmy Kent rugs are one of the best ways to add warmth and colour to your home. At Luxury Rugs, we are the leading authority on fine carpets. Our Amy Kent Bespoke rug collection features an exclusive selection for your home. From abstract and floral prints to whimsical and real-world patterns, we’re sure you’ll find something suitable to adorn your home. Amy Kent Rugs specialises in bespoke, hand-made rugs and carpets. These are crafted by artisans in Kathmandu and India. Since the company’s inception more than ten years ago, Amy Kent has developed many contemporary and classic designs; suitable for both modern and traditional interiors. What’s special about Amy Kent Rugs? Every rug is customised and bespoke! You may order rugs in any size, shape, design, colour or pattern. We can further modify your order by specifying the colour of your tufts. Our goal is to make a unique and beautiful rug for your home.

You can get Amy Kent Rugs from us at Luxury Rugs. Their bespoke rug service is the perfect start for your rug-finding journey. A well-chosen rug acts like a statement piece; a pivotal focal point in a room. They should fit in seamlessly with your interior furnishings while adding texture and warmth to the space. The designs on all their rugs can be adapted and customized. Their team can advise you on the best way to place your carpet and what the best size for your space would be. If you prefer, Amy Kent Rugs can send you fabric samples, colour tufts and woven tufts by post. Apart from Amy Kent designer rugs, we are proud to feature other brand names in luxury carpet designs. These are William Yeoward, Romo Rugs, Asiatic Rugs, Brink & Capman, to name a few.

If you’re looking for a luxurious floor covering for your home, consider Amy Kent Rugs. Why not contact Luxury Rugs today to find out more about our Amy Kent Rugs?  We’re UK’s leading supplier of lavish and bespoke rugs. With a luxury rug, you can breathe new life into your home.

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