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For those of you who want it all, area rugs in Mayfair may be the solution you’ve been searching for. You love your hardwood and tiled floors but you love rugs as well. So you opt for area rugs to soften the ambiance of your rooms but you can’t find area rugs with the pizzazz you envision for your rooms. Another fake antique oriental will not cut it. You want geometric designs or lots of fluff; maybe a subtle earthy weave with texture here and a bold colour block there. You don’t want a cut down version of wall to wall carpet; or maybe that is exactly what you want in a fine natural wool. You will love our boutique specialising in area rugs from a who’s who list of designers to our own luxury brand of custom rugs.

We have hundreds of area rugs from which to choose and design and decorators on staff to help as much or as little as you like. If you like shopping in your pyjamas in Mayfair, area rugs of every design are displayed on our website. Relax and scroll through our many selections. Sign up for our email updates to be among the first to know about new products. Put the size you want in the designated box, choose your perfect area rug and drop it in your basket. We will ship it to your door along with care instructions. Mainland delivery is free. If you live near enough to our shop, we would still like you to drop in so we can meet you in person, show you what’s new and answer questions you have.

Area rugs in Mayfair do not have to be rectangular although they are often the best choice. Some areas of your home may be better suited to a round or oval shape and square is great with geometric designs. Our speciality area rugs by ITC are Bristol and Cobble in heavily textured earthy tones and Melbourne made from 100% New Zealand Wool.   Don’t forget the kid’s rooms. We have a wonderful selection of designs, colours and shapes to brighten and warm their room. Contact us to find the fine deep pile, hand-woven, faux silk, wool, patchwork, plain and so much more in area rug choices by well-known designers. Or, we’ll help you design your own Luxury Brand area rug from fine materials.

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