Asiatic Rugs in Chelsea
Asiatic rugs

Asiatic Rugs in Chelsea

Asiatic Rugs in ChelseaIf you are interested in Asiatic rugs in Chelsea, you’ll be thrilled to know that Luxury Rugs are proud to be associated with this innovative and forward thinking company. As a leading company in the consumer rug industry, Asiatic are known for their exquisite design and innovation. They are also a pioneering and dynamic force in the world of commercial fashion focused rugs. Asiatic was founded by Soli Kelaty and for over 50 years has been a trusted name in the flooring industry.

If you are searching for top quality floor coverings for your home in Chelsea, Asiatic rugs are a beautiful choice. At Luxury Rugs, we are proud to offer the Asiatic rugs collection. This collection showcases over 700 rugs from 85 ranges across 7 collections, and includes timeless classic heritage through the contemporary home to junior rugs. The rugs are available in a variety of stock sizes, and these provide beautiful and market leading rugs that are sure to meet the needs of the modern consumer. We use outstanding manufacturers that are not only enthusiastic about what they do, but they care about the future of the industry and support their workers ensuring the rugs are produced ethically. We feel strongly about this, and our rugs are produced without child labour, forced labour or bonded labour. We are all committed to the children’s welfare, worker’s rights and we help support the communities and families that work so hard to produce such wonderful rugs that will last a lifetime.

Asiatic rugs in Chelsea will grace any room in your home. Our rugs have also been used in private jets, luxury yachts and the finest hotels. For more details about our Asiatic rug collection, contact Luxury Rugs today. Our customer service is both personal and confidential as we believe our customer’s satisfaction is our top priority. If you find that choosing the right rug is difficult, we can advise the right rug for your home and even help with colour schemes. Offering free delivery on all our rugs, and for bespoke rugs and orders over £1000, we will personally deliver to you, including moving the furniture and rolling out service.

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