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Asiatic rugs

Asiatic Rugs

Asiatic RugsFind a wide range of beautiful and colourful Asiatic rugs at Luxury Rugs. If you have been thinking of redecorating your home, you will find that Luxury Rugs have one of the most extensive stocks available. Our collection ranges from the most famous brands to not as well-known and bespoke rugs. Homeowners and interior designers will find everything they need in our stock, in different colours, styles, and designs. We work closely with many key manufacturers, and that allows us to stock a wide range of luxury rugs, and we can cater to the needs of all our clients, including trade and hospitality customers.

If you are interested in our Asiatic rugs, you can have a look at our range online, or you are more than welcome to visit us at our showroom. Asiatic is a highly regarded name that has been in production for more than 60 years, and the brand boasts of different collections. Asiatic remains a leading supplier in the UK as well as around the globe, and they are passionate about producing excellent rugs. At Luxury Rugs, we make sure to stock rugs of different colours and styles, as well as different designs. Therefore, if you are looking to revamp your room or your office, you are most welcome to pay us a visit at our showroom. Our staff members will be on-site to provide the assistance and guidance that you need, and we are sure that you will find something in our stock. A lot of our products are used in commercial settings as well, for instance, in hotels, restaurants, and offices.

For different types of Asiatic rugs, please don’t hesitate to have a look at our collection at Luxury Rugs. Asiatic was the first company to adapt traditional rug-making techniques for a more contemporary market. Since then, the company has been expanding its business, providing a fantastic range of colourful and modern products to customers. For more details about our available Asiatic rugs, contact Luxury Rugs. We will be glad to answer your queries.

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