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Bespoke rugs in KensingtonTo find your bespoke rugs in Kensington, Luxury Rugs is the place to contact. We know, there’s no shortage of designs, colours, fabrics and textures available in our shop. However, sometimes a customer might find a rug that’s almost but not quite what they’re looking for. Why settle for almost when we can give you exactly what you want? Maybe you only seek the colour you want or the size or texture. Our designers will work with you until we have created your perfect rug. You may know exactly what you  want and even have the design on paper. Luxury Rugs will turn that sketch into the rug you visualise. Imagine thousands of colours and colour shades from which to choose. Bring us a colour sample from your upholstery or drapery fabric.

Of those designs, fabrics, textures, shapes and colours we do have in stock you may find your exact choice, except for the size. In Kensington, bespoke rugs can be altered from our existing stock to suit and that includes shape. We’re not limited to squares, rectangles and circles. If you want stars and hearts or Disney Characters we can fulfil your request. It sometimes happens that a customer falls in love with one of our area rugs but needs a fully fitted carpet. We can make that rug to be fitted wall to wall. Our services are dedicated to making sure you get exactly the rug you want for that special place in your home. Choose a statement piece to set off your dining table or choose a silk rug and use it as a wall hanging.

Once you’ve chosen your bespoke rugs in Kensington you can count on us to keep you updated as to the progress of your one-of-a-kind creation. We will create a sample first so there will be no doubt about the colour or quality of your custom rug. Luxury custom made rugs do take some time to create. For instance, hand-knotted rugs could take up to 5 months but these rugs are truly works of art. It’s well worth the wait to have a unique rug. Hand-tufted takes only six to eight weeks. Contact Luxury Rugs or pay us a visit and meet our team. Our customer service is attentive throughout and when your rug is ready, we’ll bring it to your home.

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