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Bespoke Rugs in London

Bespoke Rugs in LondonAt Luxury Rugs, we offer bespoke rugs in London to those with more demanding standards. While most houses can do with a wide range of ready-made rugs, a business will always try to stand out with bespoke products, such as having their business names or logos on the rugs. Not only does this market the services and the products that you are offering, but it also acts as brand advertising, always reminding the customers of your company. There’s no doubt that bespoke items with your trade name and logo on it has multiple benefits, and if you would like to exploit that aspect, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

As a boutique rug company, we have an unparalleled passion for rug design and making. In London, our bespoke rugs are made with the finest materials available. And we work with the best manufacturers in the UK. We stock on a large variety of styles and sizes, and we can fully customise a rug to your personal tastes and likings. With the assistance of our dedicated team, you can redesign a rug to any specific colours, shapes, or even have it installed as a full fitted carpet. Or, if you would rather have the rug completely made from the scratch, we can help with that too! Just let us know your preferred style, colour, design or any ideas that you may have, and our team will help you with the rest. No matter what you’ve got in mind, we have both the skills and the knowledge to design and manufacture your dream rug. The manufacturing process for bespoke rugs can take up to 6 months, and more complicated rugs may take longer!

If you would like to discuss the requirements for quality bespoke rugs in London, don’t hesitate to pay us a visit at one of our showrooms. If you would like any additional information, please feel free to contact Luxury Rugs. We strongly believe in high customer care and will assist you through the order process, keeping you updated every step and can also provide drawings of the style and how it would look once it’s complete.

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