Renowned for their experience and british design, manufacturing wallcoverings and fabrics. Romo offers distinct and timeless sophisticated colours and design.

Now they have taken it to the next level, with an exclusive colaboration with well known rug manufacturer Louis de Poortere, the designers have gathered Romo’s finest designs and reinterpreted in a striking collection of textured flatweaves with the same sophistication as their fabrics.

We are pleased to announce that you can now find Romo rugs at Luxury Rugs in London and Cheshire. Romo is one of London’s leading designers and retailers of beautiful and stylish products for the home, and we are proud to offer their sophisticated collection of rugs in our store. Contact Luxury Rugs to browse our selection of Romo Rugs.

Ring Luxury Rugs on 0207 349 7277 for Romo rugs.

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Acacia Rug

Acacia Rug by Romo

Akina Rug Luxury Rugs

Akina Rug

Chella Rug

Chella Rug by Romo

Romo Rugs

Clarice Rug by Romo

Cubis Rug

Cubis Rug by Romo

Freyr Rugs 100% Design

Freyr Rug

Haldon Rug Luxury Rugs

Haldon Rug

Hana Jewel Rug

Hana Rug

Itsuki rug

Itsuki Rug by Romo

Lazlo Rug

Lazlo Rug by Romo

Lomasi Rug

Lomasi Rug by Romo

Marit Rug Luxury Rugs

Marit Rug