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Luxury Rugs in WilmslowWe work with some of the world’s best designers of luxury rugs in Wilmslow. Our luxury rugs and carpets grace some of the most elite homes in the UK. We also cater for the discerning customer who wants that something extra for their luxury yacht or private jet. Some of the most expensive hotels have our products in their rooms. We have a large range of stunning and elegant modern rugs that have the most beautiful patterns. The colour range is very wide and we can find and supply exactly what you require.

We offer personal service and advice to our customers. In Wilmslow, luxury rugs that are handmade of the finest materials available are our main product. We are able to supply samples to architect firms and interior design companies so that they can design the decor for their exclusive customers. Our choice of traditional rugs is astounding and we also offer rugs that have eye catching borders and deep pile rugs that are soft and decadent. Amongst our wide range we have geometric patterned rugs and herringbone pattern rugs. Our children’s rugs are made to please the little ones with bright and vibrant colours and shapes. They are soft on little feet and perfect for any child’s room.

We supply luxury rugs in Wilmslow to clients who look for an exclusive and confidential service. If you have a desire to provide the best floor covering for your home or office, contact Luxury Rugs today.  When buying a rug from us we recommend that you try the rug in your home before buying it. A rug can dramatically change a room so checking size, colour and design in situ is the only way to make sure it is absolutely right for the space. The skilled members of our consultation team have experience and knowledge with interior schemes that are invaluable to our clients. We can deliver a variety of different rugs to allow you to try them and choose the one that really suits the room.

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