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Silk Rugs in Chiswick

Silk Rugs in ChiswickSilk rugs in Chiswick are an elegant and sophisticated choice for any flooring. Silk may not be the obvious choice for rug material, but it offers incredible durability and a luxurious finish and texture. It is considered to be more versatile than other rug materials due to its natural fibre properties. While silk is lightweight, it has a tensile strength greater than steel when matched filament to filament, making it supremely tough and and long-lasting. Silk rugs are, however, recommended as statement pieces where they will not experience heavy foot traffic. Their tensile strength means they resist wear and tear well, but silk is also absorbs moisture, making them prone to stains and superficial damage. With the stunning visual qualities of silk rugs available, you will certainly want them as statement pieces though.

If you are looking for decor to improve your home or office in Chiswick, silk rugs are an excellent choice. They cannot be matched for their soft texture and luminous lustre. Woven from natural silk fibre, these rugs offer much finer details and patterns than other woven materials. The advanced control this allows during the manufacture process means that patterns and colours can be woven into the rug itself, eliminating the need for printed designs post-weave. This also means that there is a wide variety of silk rug designs and patterns available, from classic traditional to contemporary and alternative.

You can find gorgeous silk rugs in Chiswick in any style imaginable at Luxury Rugs. We are a boutique rug company that sources the finest quality silk rugs from master weavers around the world. Our silk rug collection also features many exclusive, one-of-a-kind designs, offering you a truly unique flooring solution. Our silk rugs have been known to decorate the floors of luxury cruise ships, hotels and executive offices, as well as discerning homes both locally and internationally. Contact Luxury Rugs to find your dream silk rug today. We provide a custom fitting service or arrange a custom rug to ensure that your rug will fit beautifully into even the most unconventional floor space, be it a curved wall or a jutting fireplace.

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