Silk Rugs in Hammersmith
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Silk Rugs in Hammersmith

Silk Rugs in HammersmithIf you are looking for silk rugs in Hammersmith, look no further than Luxury Rugs. Our bespoke rug company specialises in all things rugs that span over a variety of materials, types and inspiration from traditional and modern designs. Our team and its work ethic is a reflection of our founder’s passion for interior design. Using his many years of experience in the luxury rugs and flooring industry, he works with the most talented rug weavers from around the world in order to produce one of a kind rugs. We offer high standards of customer care and provide all our customers with bespoke rugs to suit their needs. We not only personally select the most luxurious yarns and rugs to sell but we are also keen on the principle of quality and craftsmanship that goes into creating the rugs.

When chosen and placed carefully, rugs bring about a character of the home that would otherwise be overlooked. In Hammersmith, silk rugs are available in various patterns and colours. This gives you the opportunity to stick to what you know and love or give another option a go and see if you would like to move away from your norm. Silk is resilient when stretched. This simply translates to you enjoying your silk rug in your home for many years to come. Its light and smooth texture can be combined with other materials in order to achieve a desired effect. The texture also helps it to be woven into different patterns for hat unique look. You can have a silk rug in any interior for functional use, aesthetic purposes or both.

You can tell the expertise that goes into making silk rugs in Hammersmith. We use outstanding manufacturers that are passionate about the craft so that you can enjoy the end result. Contact Luxury Rugs today to order your rug and see why we stand out from the rest. We believe all work that goes into the manufacturing of our rugs should be ethical. This is why we produce our rugs without child, forced or bonded labour. We help support the communities that work so had to produce products that will last a lifetime.

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