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Be Inspired by Luxury and Innovative Angelo Rugs for Your Home

Angelo rugsOur customers at Luxury Rugs are wild about Angelo Rugs founded in 1999 by Belgian’s own Fiona De Witte. The Belgian rug company enjoys an excellent international reputation for originality and high quality. The collection is all handmade; hand tufted, hand knotted and handwoven. Yesterday meets today in many Angelo designs. For instance, the gorgeous generous Bergamo is handwoven in polyester. Polyester is so easy to clean and maintain which makes this super soft deep pile rug a practical choice without sacrificing luxury. The wild and casual texture is so luxurious and beautifully made, we can only describe it as an inspired modern hand woven. The deep pile will complete any style of decor.

The Bali collection is beautifully hand knotted from New Zealand wool and the soft and stunning Annapurna is from naturally dyed and sun dried vegetable silk. Angelo rugs from the Bamboo collection has a soft and silky finish and is also naturally dyed and sun dried as is the silk. A characteristic of both is a silky finish and light altering colour. At Luxury Rugs, we bring you our own beautifully designed and/or bespoke rugs designed for you. We have a passion for luxury and innovative designs. Therefore, we gladly present to you some of the finest designers and artisans of our time. Their distinctive work, both traditional and modern, is available through our store.

Luxury Rugs by Angelo are available in store or online. We sell to individuals for domestic use; interior designers for their client base; customised luxury rugs for hospitality and commercial corporate customers. We also bring luxury rugs to your yacht, private club or plane. Such a beautiful purchase deserves the finest customer service and consideration. It is our joy to provide that to our clients. Contact us for assistance in finding the perfect luxury rugs for your environment. If we don’t find it for you we will certainly design and manufacture a luxury rug to your specifications. Pop in our flagship showroom located in Chelsea’s interior design district and we promise, you will be inspired by the Angelo collections.

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