Louis de Poortere Rugs
Louis de Poortere rugs

Sophisticated Style with Flemish Louis de Poortere Rugs for Your Home or Business

Louis de Poortere RugsLouis de Poortere Rugs developed a new philosophy when the manufacturer branched out into home decorating. They felt stimulated to create designs that would transform generic into magic. They sensed domestic buyers had higher esthetic expectations and so felt challenged to meet those creative demands of the modern decor in all its many forms. As expected, each collection is appealing in both colour and design. One look and touch and you will likely know the quality is equally appealing. For that reason, our customers know that we will promote Louis de Poortere rugs in our shops. The reputation of the Flemish rug makers has been established for centuries and this is the foundation of Louis de Poortere rugs.

Luxury Rugs offers a fine selection of Louis de Poortere rugs in our shops and our online store. Contemporary and vintage collections are designed to further meet with the philosophy of Louis de Poortere rugs. He wanted to transform generic into magic and his reasoning was purely to bring pleasure. So naturally, Louis de Poortere rugs are designed to bring pleasure. Again, his designs live up to the challenge. The bold colours and designs definitely bring joy. Our selections by Louis de Poortere, like all our luxury rugs, serve the practical purpose of adding colour, design, texture and luxury to your decor. The artistic touch is just as important as the practical purposes because both bring the pleasure as the designer intended.

We are very proud to offer Louis de Poortere rugs at Luxury Rugs. We invite you to contact us and get to know the work of this interesting designer. Possibly within his collections you will find just the right touch for your home. Our staff is available with full attention to your likes and dislikes. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, work with our design staff and let us create a custom design rug for you. We offer the very finest of materials and workmanship based on your preferences. Through our own designs and those of top designers like Louis de Poortere, we feel certain you will find the missing piece to complete your decor at Luxury Rugs.

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