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Luxury Rugs in Alderley EdgeLook for luxury rugs in Alderley Edge to add glamour to any room in your home. Any manufacturer can make a lovely carpet on a machine but at Luxury Rugs we offer more. We offer luxury and one of a kind carpets. Our showroom is to natural fibres what an art gallery is to cotton or linen canvas. Many of our rugs are created by artisans from wool or silk using natural dyes for design and colour. Then the fibres are hand woven and tied into a unique work of art for your floor. We manufacture our own Luxury brand and we also stock some of the best-known designers. While we do offer gorgeous traditional and modern patterns some of our designer rugs will not appeal to the masses; but they will appeal to your particular style.

If you haven’t found your perfect area rug, maybe it’s because the rug you want is not mass produced. In Alderley Edge, Luxury rugs that make the perfect statement may be found on our website or in our store. It’s the unique handmade creation that appeals to you like none others you have seen. Luxury for many is filling their living environment with natural born-of-the-earth furnishings. Linen, cotton and silk fabrics, natural timber or stone flooring, clean paint, real plants and natural fibre handmade rugs; that’s who you are and at Luxury Rugs, we get it. When we select our designers we have customers who love fine things in mind and those who want artistry in their fine things.

Try as we may to stock a range of luxury rugs in Alderley Edge that appeal to many styles, we come up short for some customers. They have an idea and they will know it when they see it; they just haven’t seen it yet. Contact Luxury Rugs and visit our showroom. If we don’t have the colour and design rug you want, we will help you design it. Working together, when we get it right, we will custom make your rug for you. Choose your size and shape too; not every rug has to be oval or rectangular. Sunbursts, a perfect lily, Disney Princesses and Thomas the Train are within the realm of possibilities. You should have what you want along with free delivery.

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