Luxury Rugs in London
Luxury rugs

Luxury Rugs in London

Luxury Rugs in LondonGive your studio flat, home or office space that wow factor with our luxury rugs in London. At Luxury Rugs, we’re proud of our reputation for supplying and fitting premium quality products to a range of discerning clients. Whether you want to decorate a room, luxury yacht, deluxe hotel or your private jet, our products will fit right in. We offer the finest one-of-a-kind pieces from the top most designers in the world. We are a bespoke company and we specialise in all kinds of rug designs like modern, traditional, contemporary, natural, custom, and area. We work under the guidance of our founder Stephen Foster whose commitment and dedication to the craft is a byword in the business. It’s this philosophy that is at the foundation of sourcing of our products. We ensure that only ethical, respectful, dignified practices are employed in creating our rugs. This is because we care about the future of this industry.

Most of us tackle interior design projects by focusing on the large pieces like furniture. However, it’s soft furnishings that add the character and personality to your room. In London, luxury rugs should be selected with the same amount of thought and reflection. These are pieces that not just add warmth and comfort, they also add beauty and elegance along with that touch of opulence. Unfortunately, this is an industry where one or two unscrupulous players can give the entire fraternity a bad rap. Often, what you thought was a luxury silk rug could turn out to be inexpensive viscose or mercerised cotton. That’s why it’s important to keep yourself well-informed about the industry, products and pricing.

It’s crucial to buy luxury rugs in London only from reputed and reliable companies like ours. For more information about our luxury rugs, contact Luxury Rugs. We work with the large and well-established brands like Nourison, Edition Bougainville and Amy Kent Bespoke Rugs. Rugs are only as good as the skill and materials that go into their manufacture. You need to look for good quality dyes, construction and fibres. Wool is the traditional choice of connoisseurs but silk is a great if pricey option.

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