Diva Rug by Asiatic


4 Standard Sizes available in 14 colours

100% Polyester    

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The Diva Rug is a beautifully deep shag pile rug, the depth of the pile is 4cm weighing in at 1.8 kg per meter square.  A rug you can bury your feet into, with 14 on trend colours to suit any design. CharTau

Additional information

Additional information

Asiatic Style

Abacus Charcoal, Abacus Sand, Abacus Taupe, Aran Duck Egg, Aran Feather Grey, Aran Ivory, Aran Jasmine Yellow, Aran Midnight, Aran Mocha, Aran Rose Pink, Aran Sand, Ascot Aqua Blue, Ascot Chocolate, Ascot Red, Ascot Sand, Ascot Silver, Ascot Taupe, Blox Copper, Blox Coral, Blox Heather, Blox Multi, Blox Mustard, Blox Natural, Camden Black White, Camden Cream Multi, Camden Grey Multi, Cascade Cerulean, Cascade Cream, Cascade Duck Egg, Cascade Forest, Cascade Heather, Cascade Mink, Cascade Paprika, Cascade Power, Cascade Ruby, Cascade Sand, Cascade Silver, Cascade Slate, Cascade Smoke, Cascade Taupe, Cascade Violet, Croc Cream, Croc Grey, Croc Red, Croc Taupe, Diva Blue, Diva Charcoal, Diva Green, Diva Heather, Diva Orange, Diva Pink, Diva Purple, Diva Red, Diva Sand, Diva Silver, Diva Stone, Diva Taupe, Diva Teal, Diva White, Diva Yellow, Fresco Aqua, Fresco Blue, Fresco Grey, Fresco Nude, Fresco Red, Fresco Yellow, Grosvenor Gold, Grosvenor Ivory, Grosvenor Smoke, Grosvenor Taupe, Helix Charcoal, Helix Grey, Helix Ivory, Helix Taupe, Holborn Green, Holborn Indigo, Holborn Lunar, Holborn Midas, Holborn Orange, Holborn Pastel, Holborn Turquoise, Jacob Black, Jacob Multi, Jacob Multi Green, Jacob Red, Joseph Blue Green, Joseph Ginger Rug, Joseph Natural, Joseph Sienna, Joseph Spice, Jute Brown, Jute Natural, Karma Beige, Karma Chocolate, Karma Grey, Karma Purple, Karma White, Koko Blue, Koko Coral, Koko Fennell, Koko Silver, Metallica Bronze, Metallica Gold, Metallica Gunmetal, Metallica Silver, Oska Charcoal, Oska Sand, Oska Silver, Oska Taupe, Pimlico Blue, Pimlico Green, Pimlico Natural, Pimlico Red, Plush Black, Plush Dark Chocolate, Plush Dusk, Plush Green, Plush Ocean, Plush Pearl, Plush Petrol, Plush Purple, Plush Red, Plush Rust, Plush Sand, Plush Silver, Plush Slate, Plush Taupe, Plush White, Plush Zinc, Reko Charcoal, Reko French Grey, Reko Lime, Reko Moleskin, Reko Mustard, Reko Navy, Reko Orange, Reko Purple, Reko Putty, Reko Red, Reko Silver, Reko Smoke, Sisal Black/Black, Sisal Black/Grey, Sisal Linen/Aqua, Sisal Linen/Chocolate, Sisal Linen/Linen, Sisal Linen/Orange, Sisal Linen/Red, Sisal Linen/Sage, Sisal Mocha/Chocolate, Sisal Mocha/Marsala, Sisal Mocha/Taupe, Tashen Beige, Tashen Black White, Tashen Chocolate, Tashen Chocolate Blue, Tashen Plum, Tashen Red Blue, Tashen Red Green, Tula Berry, Tula Blue, Tula Chocolate, Tula Cream, Tula Dark Teal, Tula Grape, Tula Green, Tula Grey, Tula Mink, Tula Natural, Tula Pink, Tula Red, Tula Rust, Tula Sand, Tweed Berry, Tweed Charcoal, Tweed Denim, Tweed Duck Egg, Tweed Ochre, Tweed Sand, Tweed Silver, Tweed Smoke, Tweed Stone, Tweed Taupe, Tweed Teal, Whisper Apple, Whisper Aqua, Whisper Champagne, Whisper Dark Teal, Whisper Graphite, Whisper Heather, Whisper Ivory, Whisper Mars, whisper mocha, Whisper Rust, Whisper Tungsten, Whisper Wheat, Zira Blue, Zira Heather, Zira Light Natural, Zira Natural, Zira Ochre, Zira Rust, Zira Spiro, Zira Turquoise


Aqua Blue, Beige, Brown, Cream, Dark Grey, Grey, Orange, Purple, Red, Silver, White


size 100 x150, size 120 x 170, size 160 x 230, size 200 x 300

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