Louis de Poortere Rugs
Louis de Poortere rugs

Louis de Poortere Rugs

Louis de Poortere RugsSome brands are iconic and renowned for their excellent quality and Louis de Poortere established in 1929 is one of these. When you are considering stylish and elegant flooring without equal they will deliver superbly made and stunningly designed rugs. In the middle ages the Flemish textile producers were admired and sort after for their high quality fabrics. This is still true today and we are very proud to retail a vast array of their unique rugs. The company began in 1859 by the family as a cloth manufacturer and merchant. When Louis took over the company he began designing carpets and rugs which immediately became firm favourites all over Europe and the United Kingdom. 

One of the ways of keeping ahead is by making sure you have the most innovative designers and the latest machinery to manufacture your products. Louis de Poortere has the latest state of the art equipment and employs creative and far seeing designers to provide the most fashionable rugs available.  Some of our items are displayed in the finest hotels and corporate boardrooms. We keep all our clients confidential and offer the finest personal service to them.

We stock and supply Louis de Poortere rugs to our exclusive clients. Contact Luxury Rugs today or visit our showroom or website to see the wide range of rugs and carpets that we stock. Our boutique rug company has a passion for design and rug making and use the finest wool and silk available. We only work with the best manufacturers who have a history of many generations of craftsmanship. Our team will bring a number of different rugs so that you can see them in situ before making a choice. We have brochures that allow you to peruse all the rugs in stock. This is especially important for Architects and interior design businesses that need certain patterns or colours for their clients. Our products can be seen in some of the finest homes as well as private jets and luxury yachts. Our team have many years of experience and can advise you on the right carpet or rug for your home.

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