Louis de Poortere Rugs
Louis de Poortere rugs

Louis de Poortere Rugs

Louis de Poortere RugsThe philosophy of Louis Poortere rugs is based on a simple concept of making exquisitely manufactured rugs and carpets. This has been going on since 1929 when he started the company for the manufacture of rugs. His family company was a renowned cloth manufacturer that began in 1859. Flemish weavers have been one of the most sought after cloth weavers and designers since the middle ages because of their brilliance in combing beauty and quality in the cloth they produced. The original rugs and carpets produced by Louis de Poortere were designed with Oriental patterns which immediately captured the carpet and rug markets. The collections he designed diversified over the years and he improved the production techniques and patterns of his unique rugs.

If you are looking for a unique and very beautiful rug to make a statement then consider Louis de Poortere rugs which are manufactured to a very high standard in a wide range of colours and patterns. The company has kept up to date with state of the art machinery which allows them to design and manufacture a wide variety of quality products. The business has branched into home decorating and has used its best designers to create beauty elegance and value for people with discerning tastes. Besides rugs and carpets, they also manufacture stair runners in a stunning array of colour and pattern creations.

We stock and supply Louis de Poortere rugs and carpets. Contact Luxury Rugs today and arrange for us to visit your home and bring a few rugs for you to try out in situ. This gives you a far better idea of what the room will look like with the rug in it. We make sure that we bring a choice of your selected colours and designs so that you can choose the one that suits the room perfectly.  Our boutique rug company has a passion for design and rug making and use the finest wool and silk available. We only work with the best manufacturers who have a history of many generations of craftsmanship. Our products can be seen in some of the finest homes as well as private jets and luxury yachts.

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