Silk Rugs in Chiswick
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Silk Rugs in Chiswick

Silk Rugs in ChiswickWe supply some of the finest silk rugs in Chiswick that are unique and will create an elegant statement for any room in your home. Our rugs are luxurious and along with our ancient hand making techniques we ensure that your chosen rugs will have the durability to endure the wear and tear of everyday use and are easy to maintain. We know that a special rug will add necessary character and elegance to your project and we are committed to ensuring you receive the correct rug for your requirements. We have a bespoke service where we will make the rug of your own unique design in the colours you specify.

Some materials are of finer quality than others for manufacturing rugs. In Chiswick, silk rugs are extremely luxurious and the special colours and luminosity cannot be faked. The fibres are very fine and have a wonderfully soft texture but are still durable enough to last for centuries if well cared for. We can design a silk rug to your individual specifications with patterns and colours that will not be found anywhere else, in other words a one off creation. Many silk rugs are made in the middle and Far East where the manufacturer’s families have been perfecting the craft for generations. These are the type of people we utilize for our special rugs where perfection is of the essence and we require a flawless product.

If you are looking for silk rugs in Chiswick we have a wide range of some of the finest available. We only work with proven manufacturers who can deliver rugs of the high quality we demand. Contact Luxury Rugs today, visit our showroom or browse through our online selection. We provide a confidential service for our clients and have worked on private jets, luxury yachts and supplied rugs to some of the finest hotels. Our boutique rug company uses only the finest wools and silks along with experienced and expert craftspeople to create splendid, luxurious and unique rugs. These marvellous creations are a form of art and will be a feature of any space in your home.

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